About me

I am a designer descended from Japanese and Italians. I was born in Brazil, a country with continental dimensions, where the mixture of flavors from different races and cultures is summed up in the best of these worlds and this is very appreciated: the spice, the flavor, the cultural diversity, and the creativity.

I like Japanese culture, cuisine and the logical way my ancestors think, and the polite way they position themselves: I practice martial arts (Karate and Aikido), and I do a lot of meditation. My geek side builds Gundams and I’m also passionate about the Italian side of my family, the way they cook, taste, and celebrate family life.

I have 20 years of experience in IT, working mainly in banks and companies in the financial sector. I started my career as a Systems Analyst where over the years I developed skills in front-end and back-end where I specialized in the development of digital solutions.

I took the way of front-end development, building skills related to human-machine interaction, user interface, user experience, user-centered design, and design thinking. Becoming a UX/ UI designer with hybrid skills between design and programming.

For 16 years I taught Computer Science courses at several universities teaching students to code in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, and ASP. I also taught the Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Digital Game Development where I focused on User-centered Design, User Experience Design, and Design Thinking disciplines.

I have a master’s degree in Digital Design, a postgraduate degree in Information Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design.

I work in the entire design process end to end, from product discovery, problem formulation, and strategy, including research, data analysis, UX Design, UI Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, and integration with developers through the methodology: Kanban, Scrum, and Design Thinking.

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