I’m a UX/ UI Designer

That loves technology & smart solution.

I like to pay special attention to details (pixel perfect),
so I developed skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap,
JavaScript, and PHP so that this knowledge I can create
and customize a better solution for my clients..

I have hybrid skills between design and programming with knowledge accumulated over 20 years of experience in the international market.

During these years I attended several clients in digital projects, also taught as a university professor in Computer Science, Bachelor’s Degreed in Design and Development of Digital Games.

I work throughout the design process (end to end), from product discovery, problem formulation, and strategy, including research, data analysis, UX design, UI design, prototyping, usability testing, and integration with developers through Kanban, Scrum, and Design Thinking.

Download my resume:
in English
in Portuguese

Design process

My design process is based on design thinking and the integration between UX design processes and agile methods.

I am also a facilitator in co-creation sessions, such as Strategy blueprint, Stakeholder map, Fitgap, CSD matrix, Eisenhower Matrix, Benchmarking, User surveys plan, User interview plan, Personas, Empathy map, User journey, and Experience diagram.

I work in the entire process of discovering products with the double diamond method and also in the delivery stage of navigable digital prototypes.